Exchanges on Development and Innovation in Animation

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  • The Rencontres Animation Développement Innovation have been created in Angoulême as the result of two observations:

    - The first, of a general nature, concerns the situation of French animation on the world market, faced with double competition from low-labour cost countries and areas offering stronger tax incentives. In order to meet this competition, excluding regulatory changes, improving productivity of studios is essential and this improvement is achieved through innovation.

    - The second observation results from the evolution of the Rencontres Animation Formation (RAF) which have become a forum where schools and studios tend to increasingly discuss issues associated with technical developments - and related business issues - as well as the resulting constraints of their professional practices.

    It therefore seemed appropriate to propose, in addition to the RAF, a meeting place where industry players can collectively consider innovation strategies and their many implications.

    The Rencontres Animation Développement Innovation are therefore intended to be a place of collective reflection dealing with issues of R&D for French animation studios. Each year they offer an opportunity to take stock of production approaches and to organize the exchange of information on the prospects of software development and renewal of tools.

    General organisation : Pôle Image Magelis

    Editorial content and Rencontres facilitator : Véronique Dumon
    and Stéphane Singier

  • One day each year in November, as a prelude to the RAF.

  • The Rencontres Animation Développement Innovation are open to studio directors, technical directors, production directors, developers, lecturers and researchers, software publishers, school directors, education directors, professional organizations,...

  • In Angoulême France at the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et
    de l’Image – 121 rue de Bordeaux.