Detailed program

Thursday November 15th - Friday November 16th

  • 09H00
    Welcome reception
  • 09H30
    Opening addressRobert Richard, président du Pôle Image Magelis
  • 10H00
    Introduction : René Broca
  • 10H30-12H30
    Industry figures
    Benoît Danard (CNC)
    Stéphane Le Bars (SPFA)
    Kris Ludhor (AFDAS)
    Carole Perraut (Groupe AUDIENS)

    The RAF are an opportunity to learn about the main indicators in the sector : volumes and structures of production and distribution, employment data, state of continuous training.
  • 12H30-14H00
  • 14H15-16H15
    Round table : what is preproduction for?
    Stéphane Berry (Marathon Média)
    Marie-Pierre Journet (Moonscoop)
    Christophe Malcombe (storyboarder)
    Claire Paoletti (scénariste)
    Patrick Schwerdtle (auteur-réalisateur)
    Pierre Siracusa (France Télévision)

    Preproduction is obviously a key stage in producing a television programme or a film. For all that, the organisation of its different parts – writing, storyboard, layout – and their interrelations are handled in different ways depending on the type of production and the identity of the studios. The round table will examine the “fundamentals” to be respected to meet the twin challenges of quality and productivity.
  • 16H30-17H00
    Teaching Mocap : where, when, how ?
    Rémi Brun (Mocaplab)

    Motion capture is a widely used tool among others. One of its most experienced practitioners will report on its relevant areas of application, its constraints, its recent developments and prospects.
  • 17H00-17H30
    Teaching sound
    Bruno Seznec (Piste Rouge)

    Sound for animation is always made out to be the “poor relation” of production. Yet its crucial importance for the quality of a programme cannot be disputed. The session will endeavour to make clear the practical details of working on sound for animation, such as they should be understood by all professionals.
  • 17H45-18H45
    Round table : employment practices in animation
    Jack Aubert (SPFA)
    Laurent Blois (CGT - SPIAC)
    Maxime Legris (FICAM)
    Christophe Pauly (CFDT - F3C)

    Representatives of employers end employees have agreed to debate in public employment practices in the sector. On the horizon, the renegotiation of the unemployment compensation system for contract workers in the entertainment industry before the end of 2013.
  • 9H30-10H45
    Training in an international setting : some examples Contributors
    Shelley Page (Dreamworks Animation)
    Jonathan Turner (Framestore)

    Training is also a market, indeed a global market. Some overseas examples will be presented as food for thought for French training professionals and the studios.
  • 11H00-11H45
    Case study : TV series Contributor
    Camille Serceau (Je Suis Bien Content)

    Detailed analysis of the production pipeline and the organizational arrangements of a TV series.
  • 12H00-12H30
    Network of French Animation Schools : Questions and answers Contributors
    Dimitri Granovsky (RECA / Georges Mélies)
    Cédric Plessiet (RECA / ATI Paris 8)
    Marie-France Zumofen (RECA / Les Gobelins)

    Question and answer session on the network of French animation schools, their objectives, the way they work, etc.
  • 12H45-14H15
  • 14H30-16H00
    The impact of software on cost structures of schools and studios Contributors
    Jacques Bled (Mac Guff)
    Anthony Combeau (2 Minutes)
    Dimitri Granovsky (RECA / Georges Méliès)
    Gilbert Kiner (RECA / ARTFX)

    The cost of acquisition and other related costs of the various software have a significant impact on the budgets of the schools and studios. The current situation will be assessed as a precondition to defining any possible solutions.
  • 16H00-16H30
    First conclusions and general debate