Detailed program

Thursday November 21st - Friday November 22nd

  • 09H00
    Welcome reception
  • 09H45
    Opening addressRobert Richard, président du Pôle Image Magelis
  • 10H00
    Introduction : René Broca
  • 10H15-12H15
    Industry figures

    The RAF are an opportunity to learn about the main indicators in the sector : volumes and structures of production and distribution, employment data, state of continuous training.

    Benoît Danard (CNC)
    Stéphane Le Bars (SPFA)
    Kris Ludhor (AFDAS)
    Carole Perraut (AUDIENS)
  • 12H15-12H45
    European Commission and the « Cinema communication »

    The European Commission is backing a project which modifies the rules linking the awarding of state aid to spending on a regional basis. The economic and cultural stakes are considerable : as it stands, this project is a direct threat to existing aid measures with dramatic consequences for production and jobs.

    Guillaume Blanchot (CNC)
  • 13H00-14H30
  • 14H30-16H30
    Round table : Employment in animation : taking stock and future developments

    The employment of young graduates is obviously a constant concern for trainers, but it becomes more acute in times of economic difficulty and regulatory uncertainty. The round table will consider the question of optimizing analysis and forecasting tools to ensure the best possible match between training courses and also the desirability of measures in favour of employment.

    Stéphane Le Bars (SPFA)
    Stéphane Bedin (FICAM)
    Christophe Pauly (CFDT)
    Laurent Blois (CGT)
    René Broca (RECA)
  • 16H45-18H15
    Is it possible to develop training courses in alternation for animation ? Technical point, Pooling of resources, Which disciplines to offer in alternation

    Training in alternation has two great advantages : the families do not have to bear the financial burden of the courses ; it is an effective tool for entering the world of work. For all that, it is still regarded with some mistrust by the animation sector. The session will examine the reasons for this resistance and consider the skills most likely to benefit from training in alternation.

    Thierry Teboul (AFDAS)
    Jack Aubert (CPNEF-AV / CPA)
    Dominique Trocnet (CPNEF-AV)
    Simon Vanesse (Isart Digital)
    Marie-France Zumofen (Les Gobelins)
    Caroline Souris (TeamTO)
  • 9H30-10H45
    A foreign perspective : The animation department at La Cambre

    Founded in 1927, the Ecole nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre is one of the leading schools for art and design in Belgium. It offers 17 departments and options, including since 1958, animation which is presented by its head of department

    Vincent Gilot (La Cambre)
  • 11H00-12H15
    Comparative case studies : cost and production structures of two series

    Two case studies will provide tangible proof of the issues facing French animation studios and the challenges they must take up:
    - Foot de rue extrême, saisons 1 et 2
    - Les mystérieuses cités d’or

    Florent Mounier (2d3D Animations)
    Philippe Alessandri (TeleImages Kids)
    Eric Jacquot (Blue Spirit)
    Armelle Glorennec (Blue Spirit)
  • 12H15-12H45
    Network of French Animation Schools : Questions and answers

    The latest news of the Network of French Animation Schools after two years in existence.

    Dimitri Granovsky (RECA / Georges Mélies)
    Cédric Plessiet (RECA / ATI Paris 8)
    Marie-France Zumofen (RECA / Les Gobelins)
    René Broca (RECA)
  • 12H45-14H15
  • 14H30-16H30
    Alternative production pipelines : challenges and constraints

    Several recent experiments – and others to come – indicate that open source software may become an alternative in production, which raises the allied question of the desirability of its integration into training courses. Blender, in particular, appears to be attracting interest beyond the community of partisans. The session will feature feedback from professional users.

    Raul Carbo (In Efecto)
    Virginie Guilminot (In Efecto)
    Anne-Laure George-Molland (ATI Paris 8)
    Mathieu Auvray (Autour de Minuit)
    Eric Serre (directeur artistique et réalisateur)
  • 16H30-16H45
    First conclusions and general discussion