Detailed program

Thursday November 20th - Friday November 21st

  • 09H00
    Welcome reception
  • 09H30
    Opening addressRobert Richard, président du Pôle Image Magelis
  • 10H00
    Introduction : René Broca
  • 10H30-12H30
    Industry figures

    The RAF are an opportunity to learn about the main indicators in the sector : volumes and structures of production and distribution, employment data, state of continuous training.

    Benoît Danard (CNC)
    Stéphane Le Bars (SPFA)
    Kris Ludhor (AFDAS)
    Carole Perraut (AUDIENS)
  • 12H30-14H00
  • 14H15-15H15
    Round table : Employment in visual effects (VFX)

    What does the visual effects sector represent on the international level? What changes is it – or will it be – going through? What specific skills does it require compared to those in 3D animation?

    Gilbert Kiner (ArtFX)
    Bernard Devillers (Mikros Image Liège)
    Amy Smith (Framestore)
  • 15H30-17H00
    Cloud on the horizon : what prospects of collaborative development ?

    The cloud may cause concern in respect to security, reliability and confidentiality. For some publishers it is also an opportunity for highly restrictive trade practices. Has the time not come for all the players in the sector to redefine their software and organizational needs and to work together to create free and open tools ?

    Jacques Bled (Illumination Mac Guff)
    Cédric Plessiet (ATI Paris 8)
    Stéphane Singier (Cap Digital)
    Nicolas Schmerkin (Autour de Minuit)
  • 17H15-18H00
    Questions and answers on the system of intermittent employment in animation

    Where are we now regarding the question of intermittent employment in animation? The responses of the social partners ... and feedback from the participants.

    Jack Aubert (SPFA)
    Christophe Pauly (CFDT)
    Laurent Blois (CGT)
    Jérémie Larue (FICAM)
  • 9H30-10H15
    A foreign perspective : École des arts numériques, de l’animation et du design « NAD » Montreal

    Based in Montreal, where many operators have been drawn by the performance of the Québec tax credit, the NAD has been providing training in computer graphics for 22 years.

    Christian Beauchesne (NAD)
  • 10H15-11H15
    A case study : The pipeline for Asterix : The Land of the Gods

    Analysing production pipelines is always an instructive exercise for professionals and especially for the schools. The choices made by Mikros Image for its first feature-length animation deserved to be in the spotlight.

    Nicolas Trout (Mikros Image)
  • 11H30-12H00
    Strategic workforce planning : the Angoulême example

    A virtuous example of collaboration in the management of human resources involving several studios, AFDAS, Pôle Image Magelis, a school and the Pôle Emploi employment centre.

    Didier Henry (Blue Spirit studio)
    Béatrice de Fournoux (AFDAS)
    Marina Swiatkowski (Pôle Emploi)
    Guillaume Gemot (EMCA)
  • 12H15-13H45
  • 13H45-14H30
    Two dossiers from the RECA French Animation Schools
    Network: Learning paths and graduation film

    The RECA French Animation Schools Network has carried out two internal surveys, one on practices within the schools regarding the production and distribution of graduation films, the other on the learning paths of their students. The RAF are an opportunity for a progress report on these two subjects.

    Yves Portelli (Les Gobelins)
    René Broca (RECA)
    Aymeric Hays-Narbonne (Emile Cohl)
  • 14H30-15H00
    The new deal in vocational training

    An essential critical analysis...

    Kris Ludhor (AFDAS)
  • 15H15-16H15
    Round table on distance learning (Initial and continuous training)

    Even in vocational training, for which there might seem an appropriate response, distance learning is still embryonic in France in comparison to other European countries, and of course North America. We will try to understand its present limits and the conditions for any possible development.

    Yohan Blanc (Institut ArtLine)
    Kris Ludhor (AFDAS)
  • 16H15-16H30
    First conclusions and general discussion