Detailed program

  • Wednesday November 18th
  • Thursday November 19th AM
  • Thursday November 19th PM
  • Friday November 20th AM
  • Friday November 20th PM
    • 19H00-20H30
      Welcome drink at Angoulême City Hall
    • 20H30
      Free dinner
    • 09H00
      Welcome reception
    • 09H30
      Opening AddressFrançois Bonneau, president of Pôle Image Magelis
    • 10H00
      Introduction by René Broca
    • 10H30-12H30
      Industry figures

      The RAF are an opportunity to learn about the main indicators in the sector : volumes and structures of production and distribution, employment data, state of continuous training.

      Benoît Danard (CNC)
      Stéphane Le Bars (SPFA)
      Kris Ludhor (AFDAS)
      Carole Perraut (AUDIENS)
    • 12H30-14H00
    • 14H15-15H15
      Women in French animation

      Information and public debate on the realities of French animation are the principle of the RAF. A clear awareness of the role of women obviously occupies its rightful place. There are several relevant angles.

      Marie-Pierre Journet (Kaleide Productions)
      Jack Aubert (SPFA-CPA)
    • 15H15-16H00
      The international tax credit system

      The international tax credit is not reserved just for "big" productions. It will be borne out by describing the measure in detail and examining concrete cases.

      Case study 1 : Stella et Piggy Tales (Cube Creative)
      Case study 2 : Raven (2 Minutes)

      Baptiste Heynemann (CNC)
      Alexandre Pagot (Cube Creative)
      Jean-Michel Spiner (2 Minutes)
    • 16H15-17H00
      A foreign perspective : Pepe School Land (Spain)

      The Pepe School Land, a 3D animation school in Barcelona, has the singularity of offering training on both commercial software and open source software. This example may be food for thought.

      Daniel Martinez Lara (Pepe School Land)
    • 17H00-17H30
      First lessons from the reform of vocational training

      Kris Ludhor (AFDAS)
      Yves Muchembled (AFDAS)
    • 17H30-18H30
      News from the system of intermittent employment

      How has the question of intermittent work evolved? What are the next stages in the short term? The responses of the “social partners”.

      Christophe Pauly (CFDT)
      Laurent Blois (CGT)
      Jack Aubert (SPFA-CPA)
    • 19H30-20H30
      Visit of CNAM-ENJMIN (optional) - 138 rue de Bordeaux - Angoulême
    • 20H30
      Dinner at Ateliers Magelis 1-3 rue de Saintes - Angoulême
    • 9H30-10H00
      The MOPA pedagogical model

      Digital technology not only obliges training content to be renewed. It also im-poses a reflection on the method.

      Julien Deparis (MOPA)
    • 10H15-11H30
      New teaching methods, new training issues (monitoring, business incubators, local skills, ...)

      New pedagogical approaches are emerging, resulting from both technical developments and the constraints of the job market. They tend to widen the scope of trainers’ responsibility.

      Gilbert Kiner (ArtFx)
      Annick Teninge (La Poudrière)
      Marie-France Zumofen (Gobelins)
      Stephane Natkin (CNAM ENJMIN)
    • 11H30-12H30
      What is expected of a 3D feature film animator?

      French animation had never been confronted with productions of the magnitude of those handled by Illumination Mac Guff for Universal. What are the consequences for the work of the animators ?

      Kyle Balda (Illumination Mac Guff)
    • 12H45-14H15
    • 14H30-15H00
      News from RECA

      An update on the work and objectives of the schools network as it is about to enter its fifth year.

      Gilbert Kiner (ArtFx)
      Christine Mazereau (RECA)

    • 15H00-16H00
      A case study : The pipeline for Avril et le monde truqué

      Analysing production pipelines is always an instructive exercise for professionals and especially for the schools. The film Avril et le monde truqué, faced particular aesthetic challenges, for which technical and organizational solutions were obviously found.

      Christian Desmares (Je Suis Bien Content)

    • 16H00-16H30
      Conclusions and general discussion