Short program RADI - RAF


    Wednesday November 16th
  • 09H30
    Welcome coffee
  • 10H00
    Opening address
  • 10H15
    Introduction : René Broca
  • 10H30–11H45
    R&D in the studios
  • 11H45–12H30
    What's happening in real time
  • 12H30–14H00
  • 14H15–15H15
    Open source and free software : what's new ?
  • 15H15–15H45
    The CIFRE scheme (Industrial Agreement of Training through Research): an opportunity for the studios ?
  • 15H45–16H15
    Software quality and technical debt, how to manage your source code?
  • 16H30–18H30
    Software presentations
  • Thursday November 17th
  • 9H15
    Welcome coffee
  • 9H45
    Opening address
  • 10H00
    Introduction : René Broca
  • 10H30–12h30
    Figures in the sector
  • 12H30–14H00
  • 14H15–15H45
    Round table : Employment : taking stock in the short and medium term
  • 15H45–16H30
    Contributions from recruiters
  • 16H30-16H45
    Coffee break
  • 16H45–17H30
    An example of operational preparation for employment in Villeurbanne
  • 17H30–18H00
    Schoool, the administrative management module of MOPA
  • 20H30
  • Friday November 18th
  • 9H00–10H00
    Welcome coffee
  • 9H30–10H00
    News from RECA
  • 10H00–10H45
    The pedagogical model of the Emile Cohl school
  • 11H00–12H00
    Training for animation and video games : which interrelations ?
  • 12H15–13H45
  • 14H00–15H00
    A case study : The pipeline for Ma vie de courgette
  • 15H15–16H15
    Social news : intermittent contract working and the collective agreement in animation
  • 16H15–16H30
    First conclusions and general discussion